Uplifting Presage is a Place Designed to Aid PTSD Patients

 - Oct 8, 2011
References: suckerpunchdaily
A claustrophobe would certainly agree that the spaces through which we travel have a great impact on our mental states. Uplifting Presage explores the popular theme of transitions and thresholds in architecture, using it primarily for the purpose of psychology.

This particular project by Michael Karayan and paul Castellanos is planned as a treatment facility for sufferers of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder in Marina Del Ray, California. Many of the people who would come into the building are affected by incapacitating anxiety and a deep-seated discomfort with unfamiliar places.

To cater to these individuals, the design team strove to remove them from the chaotic world below. Elevating them into a stilted structure composed of interconnected rooms with transparent and translucent walls allows them to anticipate the next space and experience an unusually rare "Uplifting Presage."