The ‘Until All I Felt Was My Heart Beating’ Collection is Ec

 - Apr 26, 2013
References: kuulajylha & thisispaper
Designer brand Kuula + Jylha’s ‘Until All I Felt Was My Heart Beating’ collection is an ethereal clothing line that sees these spiritual trend setters getting in touch with Mother
Nature for their latest, organic manipulated creations.

As designers and clothing lines continue to turn back to organic solutions for rich materials to include in their creations, Kuula + Jylha’s Until All I Felt Was My Heart Beating collection actually sees this brand incorporating the raw and earthy look of mother nature as the central focus of their very natural products.

This collection of shoes uses natural materials like partially polished wood, birch and aspen in order to incorporate the everyday natural materials that surround us. Hand made in Helsinki, Kuula + Jylha’s say that its goal was to "combine the raw beauty of nature" with "man-made but organic sculptural shapes."