'Uber Compliments' Lets Riders Get Specific with Compliments

 - Nov 22, 2016
References: newsroom.uber & wired
Though many of the features on Uber's app tend to be geared toward improving the experience for riders, 'Uber Compliments' is a new feature to help the company validate the hard work of its drivers. Beginning this week, Uber Compliments will allow riders to get specific about what made their ride a good one.

To be sure, Uber has had an assessment system in place since its inception. In fact, the five star rating system is one of the cornerstones that keeps the collaborative, sharing-economy service self-regulated. However, a one-to-five rating is far from a thorough method for assessing workers.

With Uber Compliments, riders who award a driver five stars have the opportunity to get more specific with their praise. The feature gives several preset options including "Excellent service" or "Neat and tidy," and it leaves space for riders to leave a comment as well.