The History of MTV Shows the Change in Music Enjoyment and Culture

 - Mar 12, 2014
References: hypebot
MTV has become one of the most widely known television music programs to date and it has come a long way since 1981; this TV infographic displays the long growing progress of the network's history.

MTV has completely transformed the way we enjoy music, and it's ironic that first song to debut was 'Video Killed the Radio Star' by The Buggles. There is so much more to music than just listening to it; people want to watch their favorite artists, and they want to know they stories behind them; which is what MTV has been offering. While this infographic shows the history of MTV it also depicts breaking network records, and top featured programs.

This infographic allows marketers to spot new trends and to anticipate what will come next based on the comparisons in time spans. By spotting familiar tendencies, marketers can push new products, which will be fitting for the times.