This Honest To Goodness Clothing Packaging is Rustic and Eco-Friendly

 - Apr 21, 2015
Yoobee School Of Design's Honest to Goodness t-shirt branding is rustic and eco-friendly. This brand identity project is reflective of the company's core values and is designed with sustainability in mind.

Packaged in brown paper envelopes, each t-shirt from Honest to Goodness includes a hand-printed tag that is adorned with its logo and with an inspiring quote. These quotes remind the label's consumer to keep their handshake strong and firm and to admit when they are wrong. Some of the brand's other clothing tag tips include staying groomed, making eye contact and speaking one's mind and are included in a collectible book that shares '8 Rules For The Modern Man.'

This artisanal t-shirt branding boasts vintage elements and celebrates craftsmanship and hand-rendered details.