The Trash Closet is Decorated Haphazardly with Pieces of Found Furniture

 - Mar 26, 2014
References: lucasenlucas & mocoloco
You wouldn't call the Trash Closet a seating system, even though you will observe a mess of multiple dining chairs and tables that clutter every surface of the cabinet. The principal function of this piece of furniture is to serve as an armoire, with the added benefit of delighting the user as a wonderfully whimsical object.

The appearance of the Lucas en Lucas item is truly magnetic; it seems to attract every other object in the room and, consequently, your gaze. The designer duo built the storage unit out of mostly oak and enhanced it eccentrically with discarded wooden furniture that they found on the streets of Amsterdam. To calm the chaos of the Trash Closet, the creators painted every bit of the exterior white, coating only the inside with a vivid neon orange.