Train by David Mach is a Life-Size Replica of the 1938 Mallard

 - Aug 7, 2012
References: davidmach & mymodernmet
Since most people opt for the quickest way to travel these days (who wouldn't want to save time), no one in their right mind would choose to travel on Train by David Mach. Made completely out of red bricks, 185,000 to be exact, it wouldn't be very fast of all. Thankfully, it is an art installation the Scottish sculptor was commissioned to create.

Built over a span of 21 weeks, Train by David Mach is located at Darlington, Durham, England. A life-sized version of the 1938 Mallard, it weighs a whopping 15,000 tons even though it is hollow. Granted, it does stretch 130 feet over nearly 6,500 square feet of land with a height of 23 feet.