'Tous Donateurs' Donates to Charity for Every Commerical Watched

 - Jan 23, 2012
References: tousdonateurs & springwise
Here's hoping that one day all online ads are as charitable as the ones found on Tous Donateurs. Tous Donateurs is a French website that lets users "donate" to charity by watching 30-second advertisements. The site is easy to use and makes donating to charity easy and cost-free.

Users of Tous Donateurs begin by registering with the site for free and selecting a charity of their choice. They then watch 30 second advertisements and must answer one question about each ad after it's finished. After answering the question the ad's sponsor will donate 1 Euro to the user's charity of choice.

Times are tough and money is tight the world over. Tous Donateurs "donating without donating" model is perfect for today's economic climate. The site is currently French-only, but hopefully it will experience success and come to other countries.