'The Second Skin Project' from Nivea Dupes People with Virtual Reality

 - Jan 22, 2016
References: digitalbuzzblog
As part of 'The Second Skin Project' Nivea unveiled a touch simulation nanotechnology experiment that allows people to make physical contact with another person anywhere in the world.

The experiment involved setting up a mother and son in special suits and VR headsets and having them give and receive different touches. In the end, it's revealed to be all a hoax proving that there's nothing better than real skin-to-skin contact with a loved one.

Considering that a person's senses are heightened and they generally more open-minded in the moment about embracing new technology, many brands are using the power of virtual reality to pull pranks. North Face and Jaguar are two brands that also managed to dupe the public into accepting one reality as seen through a headset, yet lead them into a completely different experience.