Sex Sells

 - Feb 27, 2008
References: trendhunter
It's been proven time and again that sex sells. That's nothing new, but to keep things fresh, marketers have to figure out how to keep it sizzling. Ad agencies have found ways to sell everything from alcohol and fashion to technology and even burgers. Some ads are shocking, while some are artistic. Some are quite crude and offensive, while others are clever and so subtle, children wouldn't think twice upon seeing it.

The ad featured in the video is one that's a bit on the not-so-graphic side, yet Axe continues to use sex to sell their male hygiene products. The TV spot implies that by wearing Dry Pulse, the new Axe fragrance, the macho mojo men will emit is enough to cause an earth quake.

The print ad featured in the main image shows how sexual imagery can even sell a cell phone.

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