Shanghai Zoo Uses Special Toothbrushes for Hippos

 - Nov 5, 2010   Updated: Jul 19 2011
References: metro
In order to maintain oral hygiene in this water-bound animal, Shanghai Zoo officials have introduced a special four-foot long toothbrush for three hippopotamuses. Now, visitors can watch zoo-keepers administer oral hygiene on these giant beasts.

According to an official at the zoo, the hippos are feed with apples and vegetables that can clog up in teeth, making this giant toothbrush an essential item to maintain a hippo's dental health.

Implications - Bad breath is a turn off for everyone, and hungry hungry hippos are no exception to the rule. Watching these giant animals get their teeth brushed is one way of teaching children the importance of oral hygiene, and the importance of a college education! This four-foot long Hippo toothbrush certainly brings new meaning to the phrase 'odd job.'