From Bristle-Free Tooth Cleaners to Discreet Chewable Brushes

 - May 27, 2013
Oral hygiene is something that should be taken very seriously; if you still brushing your teeth with the same routine you've had for years it's time to check out these brilliant toothbrush innovations.

If you have ever experienced a toothache or had to sit several hours in the dentist chair having a cavity filled, you know the importance of regular and routine dental care. These toothbrush innovations have been designed to make brushing more effective and less tedious. From plant-based compostable toothbrushes to camera-equipped toothbrushes, these toothbrush innovations will get your teeth clean and your breath fresh.

If you have sensitive gums and need a special brush, you can try bristle-free brushes or if you need a new traveling toothbrush try a cleverly disguised toothbrush.