This Compact Case Keeps Toiletries Separate and Easy to Access

 - Jun 9, 2016
References: tashtegollc & kickstarter
The 'Tashtego Travel Kit' was created by Parker Thomas with the design of a tool roll in mind. Frustrated with other toiletry holders, he aimed to design a version that didn't leave products in a jumbled and unsanitary mess.

With the tool roll used for inspiration, the Tashtego Travel Kit features different sized slots to keep each item handy and separate from the one next to it -- meaning that consumers don't need to worry about their hairbrush contaminating their toothbrush. Also included is a zippered case that works to hold miscellaneous small products, ensuring that nothing is lost during travel.

Once everything is inside, a flap in folded down to prevent products in the slots from moving around and the device is rolled up and fastened tight with a leather belt, giving it a refined masculine look.