From Precision Shaving Lotions to Volumizing Grooming Kits

 - May 29, 2016
The top May 2016 men's grooming ideas showcase a number of innovative products and brands emerging within the fast growing market.

The Close Shave Squadron Smooth Glider Precision Shaving Lotion by Kiehl's is a premium men's grooming product formulated to be applied like a balm. Made from a blend of natural ingredients, the Precision Shaving Lotion serves as a protective barrier between one's skin and the razor.

Additionally, the surge in interest around men's grooming products has overlapped with a push for old school shaving techniques. Bolstered by the emergence of the post-modern hyper-masculine barber shop, the movement has ushered in a fascination with traditional wet shaving and with it, the opportunity to create new products and services around this unique fixation. From vintage-inspired dopp kits to elegant stainless steel double-sided razors, there are plenty of options for anyone looking to uplevel their routine.