The EDC Pocket Tweezers are Designed to Pull Bits of Wood from the Skin

 - Apr 21, 2016
References: shop.coolmaterial & coolmaterial
For consumers that spend a lot of time outside or work with materials such as wood, the EDC pocket tweezers are an ideal grooming tool to have in case any materials become lodged inside the skin. The tweezers are conveniently foldable and can be kept on-hand at all times, in case of emergency.

Splinters and skin punctures can happen at a moment's notice and often quite unexpectedly, making the EDC pocket tweezers a conveniently compact tool to have on-hand. The EDC tweezers are specifically formatted to be carried around with a foldable design that keeps the sharp pointed ends turn inward and concealed around a rubber casing. The unique design allows consumers to carry the tweezers around with them in case of emergency, without having to worry about accidentally pricking themselves.