The Red Bull Titanic Campaign Takes an Unusual Stance

 - Nov 2, 2013
References: telegraph & adrants
A Red Bull Titanic ad drew the ire of some viewers with its audacious taste in trying to market its product off a historic tragedy, but is nonetheless in keeping with the energy drink's famed slogan, "Red Bull gives you wings."

The ad, which first began airing in Germany earlier this year and more recently in the UK, features the ship captain telling a loading crew member that the ship only carries champagne. In response, the crew member tells the captain that the product is in fact Red Bull, which "gives you wings." The ship captain, laughing out loud, then mocks the drink when he says, "Wings? Why on Earth would you need wings on a ship?" as the crate is lowered and reveals the name Titanic emblazoned on the side of the ship.

The Red Bull Titanic ad, which has garnered more than 50 complaints filed with the UK's Advertising Standards Authority, continues to raise the question of how soon is too soon to begin satirically capitalizing on historical tragedies.