Timothy Pakron Leaves You Emotional Vulnerable and Provoked

 - Apr 2, 2012
References: ignant.de & juxtapoz
These portraits by Mississippi-based artist Timothy Pakron are full of beauty and melancholy. Taking a portrait of a subject and then drawing that portrait out in a darkroom using various techniques, Timothy Pakron creates an image that captures a realistic representation of someone while also adding a sense of despair as those faces appear to be oozing away from their original form.

In an interview Pakron states, "my job as an artist is to challenge the viewer. Make the viewer see differently, think differently, and most importantly, feel differently." Gazing at his artwork, I would agree that Timothy Pakron is able to illicit a variety of sentiments through his work. A sense of disconnection becomes expressed as our initial outreach to a familiar image gives way to the distortion and obscurity that encompasses the illustration, leaving us emotionally provoked and unhinged.