From Menacing Menswear Editorials to Couture Clown Couples

 - Jul 6, 2013
These morbid fashion shoots are putting more emphasis on disturbing and unsettling subject matters as a way to shock viewers into paying attention.

While some magazine retailers rely on happy and upbeat themes to attract consumers, these morbid fashion shoots are targeted more towards those who are fascinated with eerie and unusual references. Incorporating themes such as death, violence, spooky creatures and frightening concepts, these morbid fashion shoots are offering a much more darker approach to fashion and photography. From wounded model editorials to faceless gothic portraits, these often frightening fashion shoots are showcasing a much more edgier and sinister side of fashion.

Certainly an interesting deviation from the more ordinary magazine spreads, these morbid fashion shoots will certainly make an impression with its disturbing yet mesmerizing themes.