The Le Fleur Du Mal Photo Series by Michelangelo Cecilia is Macabre

Photographer Michelangelo Cecilia captures an eerie editorial that takes a fresh approach to male avant-garde fashion aesthetics.

Titled 'Le Fleur Du Mal,' a reference to Charles Baudelaire's poetry, the editorial takes a literal approach to the flowers of evil adding a nod to the hedonist eroticism that dominates the French prose. Model Stefan Liskiewicz is fierce as he poses in an aggressive manner that portrays the fashion story's theme. He dons pieces by Giorgio Armani, Dior, Primark and Airoldi Design as styled by Silvia Airoldi.

Along with the cutting-edge menswear seen in each frame, there is something to be said for the edgy accessories, such as the skeletal skirt and restraining neck pieces. Michelangelo Cecilia succeeds in creating exciting imagery that leaves an impression with its dark beauty.