This Video is a Physical Representation of a Philosophical Theory

 - Jul 21, 2016
References: & petapixel
This short timelapse film was created as an allusion to Plato's Allegory of the Cave.

The Allegory of the Cave is a famous philosophical theory that imaged men chained in a cave who saw nothing but the shadows projected onto a wall of the cave. As the shadows were all they knew, the men believed that the shadows are what make up the world -- unable to see there there is actually a world outside of the shadows. The Hong Kong production company 'Visual Suspect' references this theory in its short timelapse film. In the film, shots from Hong Kong's skylines and satellites are shown through mirroring. The result is a mind-bending symmetric visual that works as a "visual essay about perception and knowledge as a reflection of our reality."

This film is both visually pleasing and works to make the viewer think about a long-held belief that what we see as objective reality is confined by human perception -- which likely is not objective at all.