The Inviting Normann Copenhagen Cognac and Rocking Glasses

 - Feb 23, 2009
References: madeindesign &
Elegant yet playful, the magnificent Normann Copenhagen glass designs carry on the essence of a relaxing and joyful soiree with friends.

The Cognac Glasses, designed by Rikke Hagen, pose an allure to the cognac connoisseur, provoking gentle rotations that release the odor and flavor of this aged liquor. Laid on a surface, the acute glass is temping while showing off gracefully its valued content.

The Rocking Glasses, on the other hand, where inspired by Britt Bonnesen from a movie where aircraft tableware was so designed as not to spill or fall over. Again, the curvy glasses are inviting to the palm and stir their contents in a rocking motion when placed on a table.

Although marvelous additions to your dinner set, these delicate designer glasses may be a heavenly attraction to children too, so they better remain safely kept than sorry found.