Thumper Rabbit Supplies by Hoda Pedramrazi is Clean and Youthful

 - Jun 5, 2014
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By embracing a nature-inspired look, the packaging for Thumper Rabbit Supplies takes on a healthy perspective that many people will gravitate towards. As individuals become more and more concerned with their health and what goes into their own food and products, it is only natural that this sentiment would extend to their beloved pets.

Focusing on numbers as well, the Thumper Rabbit Supplies packaging is informative in both aesthetics and text. The pet packaging was the first project of its kind for Hoda Pedramrazi, a graphic designer based in San Francisco, California. Comprised of nine products as well as a bag to hold them all in, Thumper Rabbit Supplies targets rabbits, a pet that happens to be quite popular with children. Hence its youthful vibe.