'Throw Throw Burrito' Involves Matching, Dodging & Tossing Soft Burritos

 - Feb 27, 2019
References: explodingkittens & kickstarter
The creators of the viral card game Exploding Kittens are now introducing their latest project on Kickstarter in the form of Throw Throw Burrito—the world's first "dodgeball card game."

The card game is said to be a hybrid of a card game and dodgeball, as gameplay involves trying to collect matching sets of cards while avoiding being hit by soft burritos that are thrown in one's direction. The game has the potential to entertain people of all ages, especially since Throw Throw Burrito involves more physical activity than most card or board games that are meant to be played on a tabletop.

The competitive card game introduces Burrito Cards and other kinds of battle cards that involve some or all players in the burrito-tossing action.