Uyama Leads Us Into the Doors of China in 'Through the Alleyways'

 - Sep 15, 2013
Ryoko Uyama takes us through Shanghai, China to get a glimpse into the back alleys of this country in her work titled 'Through the alleyways.' Uyama explains that Shanghai is now considered to be one of the richest cities in China, although there are still parts of the city that remain old and worn. She explains that, "Eastern Venice, is dotted with small alleyways. Inside them, you can peak into a way of life that has continued for thousands of years."

The pictures are visually stunning as we squint our eyes and see for ourselves what is beyond the dark alleyways. Within some pictures you can see into a house, while other alleys remain sealed by large wooden doors. It is amazing that you can see into a culture simply by looking through a small door and studying the possessions and objects around the area. 'Through the alleyways' is culturally and visually fascinating.