Wolff Olins imagines 40 categories

 - Jul 9, 2012
References: slideshare.net
Mary Meeker, one of Fortune Magazine’s "ten smartest people in tech", released her latest set of internet trends data in May which focused on how the internet is transforming our lives and impacting on shopping, entertainment, education, job hunting and banking.

Now, international brand consultants, Wolff Olins have released a follow up presentation drawing inspiration from the 'Reimagination of everything' section of Mary Meeker's presentation. Inspired by this, the team at Wolff Olins have come together to imagine how 40 categories could develop in the future, providing the 'Next' to Meeker's 'Now'.

The Wolff Olins Then. Now. Next presentation examines how implanted technology and recordings of what we are seeing will take over from social networks or how we will eventually be able to scan and reproduces 3D objects through rapid prototyping.

Implications - The Then. Now. Next imaginings form a very useful insight into future trends provide excellent inspiration to marketers, entrepreneurs, product developers or any individual tasked with navigating our ever changing world.