These Special Pocket Watches Could Change the Face of Time

 - Mar 20, 2013
With the unlimited amount of resources for us to check what time it is at our disposal, it's amazing that a time-telling device as old-fashioned as the pocket watch is still around, but this list of special pocket watches shows that although this accessory may be aged, people are still striking up imaginative ways to re-create its elegant essence.

The pocket watch has always been the arch nemesis of the wrist watch because it's lighter, easier to carry around and you can accessorize it with nearly any outfit. But with iPhones, computers and digital clocks at our disposal, it's impossible to deny that even the convenient pocket watch is still a burden by today's lightweight standards.

Luckily, these creative reworkings and modifications show people that steam punk-infusing, digitizing and ornately customizing special pocket watches is a great way to keep these long standing accessories alive.