The Ploota Deploys Airbags If It Detects Users are Drowning

 - May 31, 2017
References: kickstarter & newatlas
The Ploota is a neck-worn life-saving innovation designed to keep swimmers and surfers afloat. Years ago saw the development of a wireless device that sends an alert should a person start drowning. Inspired by this innovation, The Ploota took the concept one step further by ensuring the immediate rescue of a distressed person.

The device, which is worn around a person's neck deploys two airbags if submerged for more than 30 seconds, bringing the person to the surface and, unlike other similar devices, keeping their head above water. If the wearer is unconscious, the airbag's design ensures the wearer floats face-up for upwards of 6 hours. The device also has a manual release button, which allows users to deploy the airbags prior to 30 seconds if they sense they're in danger.