The National Post Jeremy Gutsche

 - Sep 26, 2013
References: jeremygutsche & life.nationalpost
Innovation keynote speaker and Trend Hunter CEO Jeremy Gutsche was recently interviewed by the National Post to provide insight into the top wine trends in Canada. Prior to the interview, Gutsche was hired by Wolf Blass to do the same, and his research revealed fascinating information.

His research, which was crowdsourced and filtered by a global network of 120,000 members, showed that Canadians are attracted to wine for reasons other than its consumption. His research points to the increasing demand for a unique consumer experience. People are purchasing wine these days to enjoy as a group at gatherings and celebrations. Wine has become a representation of people -- friends and family -- coming together.

Another way in which consumers are enjoying wine is through travel. Canadians are creating elaborate vacations around wine tastings and special vineyards. Luckily for Canadians, one doesn't have to cross the border for a "winecation." Places like the Okanagan Valley offer breathtaking landscapes and delicious varieties of wine.

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"Gutsche’s just-revealed research found wine is on Canadians’ agendas in more ways than just consumption. Among the key trends he identified was that wine has become the reason to gather, not just what we enjoy when we gather. Thus he predicts a boom in winecations for those who seek experiences in wine country. Where best to do this for a uniquely Canadian experience?"