The Karmasheetra is a Naughty Version of Twister

 - Oct 19, 2011
References: karmasheetra & incrediblethings
If you've been looking to bridge the gap between you and your significant other, look no further than the Karmasheetra. The Karmasheetra is a sheet-Twister board-hybrid designed to get you into a whole lot of trouble. While the naughtification of Twister is certainly not a new thing, the makers of the Karmasheetra brought the entire game, quite literally, to the bedroom. The sheet, made to accommodate a queen-sized bed, allows you and your partner to tie yourself into suggestive knots in plush comfort.

The Karmasheetra plays out like a normal game of Twister, although the last time I checked Twister didn't have designated areas for your bum. With so many stimulating positions, don't despair if you don't make it past five turns. This may be the first board game in history that can faithfully say everyone's a winner.

Entangle your sweetheart in a saucy game of Karmasheetra and see how close you two can get.