'The Brushies' are Toys That Helps Parents Brush Their Kids' Teeth

 - Nov 9, 2016
References: thebrushies & notcot
For parents, bedtime poses all sorts of difficulties, but 'The Brushies' help to ameliorate at least one of them. The Brushies are cute silicon finger puppets that double as toothbrushes, helping parents to turn the act of brushing kids' teeth into a game rather than a chore.

The Brushies come with four different finger puppet characters: Momo (an orange monkey,) Chomps (a green alligator,) Pinky (a pink pig,) and Willa (a blue dolphin.) The set comes with a small storybook in which The Brushies go on a quest to get rid of the sugar bugs on kids' teeth. By framing toothbrushing within a narrative and including fun characters, kids are more likely to forget their distaste for toothbrushing.