The Brain Cube Challenges and Stimulates Your Mind

 - Nov 27, 2012
References: marblesthebrainstore & laughingsquid
If you didn't think the Rubik's cube was hard enough, then feast your eyes on The Brain Cube. Taking inspiration from its primary-colored counterpart, the game and its rules remain the same, requiring you to match up each side perfectly. However, rather than having to match up different-colored cubes, the 3D puzzle provides only the folds of the brain to guide you.

What's even greater is that the brain cube has the look and feel of an actual brain. The designer of the concept is New York City artist and designer Jason Freeny who oddly enough never intended to even sell the object in the first place. It was the people at Marbles: The Brain Store who stumbled upon his creation and urged him to sell it. It is at this store where the Brain Cube is also available for purchase.