The 'SOAK' Textile Coating Detects If You're Properly Hydrated

 - Oct 3, 2017
References: yankodesign
Vehicular safety remains of paramount importance for all drivers, so the 'SOAK' textile coating has been designed as a way to help ensure that you're properly hydrated when you get behind the wheel. Being that dehydration can be quite impairing, the 'SOAK' material works by responding to the micro-fluids in our sweat to visually convey whether or not we have enough water in our system. This is conveyed by changing to yellow when you're dehydrated and blue when you've rehydrated yourself.

The 'SOAK' car cabin textile coating has been designed by Droog Design and has been incorporated into the Nissan Juke thanks to a collaboration with the car brand. This shows off the capabilities of the material which could be incorporated into other products to let you know when to increase your H2O intake.