Terahertz Radiation is Being Used to Assess Car Paint Jobs

 - May 22, 2014
References: osa.org & gizmag
A father-and-son team are developing a way to use terahertz radiation -- which consists of extremely high-frequency radiation -- to detect and prevent rusting in cars. Anis and Aunik Rahman have developed technology which analyzes automobiles' paint jobs, making sure that the required layers of paint have all been applied properly

The technology works by emitting a beam of terahertz-frequency radiation into the paint. The radiation penetrates through the metal before being reflected back. By analyzing the reflections, it is possible to figure out how thick each of layer of paint is, down to the tens of nanometers.

This terahertz technology can also be used to study how paints bond to different kinds of material and to analyze paint composition on historical artifacts.

The Rahmans are currently seeking business partners for their technology.