Tanvas Touchscreens are Interactive So One Can Use Them Without Looking

 - Jun 1, 2017
References: tanvas.co & inc
Tanvas touchscreens are an inventive new haptic touchscreen technology that touches back.

Imagine driving in a car with all its controls on a touch screen. Instead of turning a volume knob on touch alone like you would in an older car, you have to physically look at the screen to see where it is located and the degree to which you have adjusted the control. With Tanvas touchscreens, the screen touches back. When you touch the screen it provides a physical response, meaning that the touchscreen can convey messages to your brain with the sense of touch.

Tanvas was able to easily adapt this technology to a Nexus 9 tablet by placing their glass and a circuit board over the display. While the initial expense of the glass is higher than touch-glass used today, by replacing the need for haptic controls with a Tanvas touchscreen, the cost remains close to the same as using a traditional touchscreen.