Kotex Ad Pushes the Limits, Educates, Pokes Fun

 - Apr 13, 2008
References: ubykotex.au
According to Uby Kotex, you've only got one beaver, so you should take care of it... with their line of tampons, pads and liners. That's not an uncomfortable ad for men to watch, is it?

In the campaign, Uby Kotex urges that, "it's high time women stopped being so damn shy about our vaginas. You don't need to do a Paris or Britney, but being able to talk about it without going red is a good start. After all, we've all got one. In fact, we've only got one, so make sure you take care good of it with U by Kotex."

The campaign provides vaginal education and pokes fun of vaginal euphemisms, even linking to a number of YouTube videos like the following:

The origin of the word Vajayjay:

Tyra Banks educating her audience:

Jane Fonda's slip up on the NBC Show: