From Questionable Pastries to Odd Perfumes

 - Jan 8, 2012
From clothing to art work and even fragrances, many interesting and unexpected innovations are inspired by female genitalia. While it may seem odd and unconventional, a lady's bits inspire much intrigue in modern society. As sexual liberation continues to peak, both women and men have no problem with mature (and sometimes comedic) public displays of genitalia.

A personal favorite is the vagina wedding gown, a jaw-dropping design for the woman with a sense of humor on her special day. The dress is apparently a proponent of modern feminist thought. TrendHunter's Jaime Neely says, "The dress is modeled after any standard wedding gown, adorned in stunning white flowers, with thin straps and and a billowing skirt; however, it showcases one slight alteration. Located on the font of the dress, directly under the waist, is a detailed fabric structure of a vagina."