Takeru Toyokura Channels the Imagination of Kids with Paper and Felt

 - Jun 26, 2014
References: hcn.zaq.ne.jp & itsnicethat
There is an imagination and creativity children are innately born with that remains unrivaled; Takeru Toyokura channels this by not only envisioning a world overtaken by kids, but by using their chosen art materials as well. With construction paper and soft felts, Takeru Toyokura creates colorful scenes that are full of whimsy and magic.

Two of Takeru Toyokura's series, Children's Play and Children Wonder, are particularly captivating. Whether floating in mid-air as buildings wave impossibly around them or trying to fix a crack in the road with an oversized bandage, the scenes are as expertly created as they are fun and nostalgic. It's Nice That writes, "Executing details so tiny that they might almost go unnoticed, Takeru sticks mainly to images of children play, tweaking elements to change the scene deftly from sickly to sinister."