The Take Five Scam Test is for Those Who Think They've Outsmarted Scammers

The new Take Five scam test, from the UK fraud prevention organization of the same name, addresses one of the true blights on modern society. With online banking serving as the norm in today's economy, the time is unfortunately right for fraudsters with digital savvy to take advantage via phishing scams. Many digital natives are confident that they wouldn't fall for one of these scams, but the Take Five scam test proves that methods are becoming increasingly sophisticated and convincing.

The test is entitled 'Too Smart to Be Scammed?', and it proves that even people who're aware of the phishing schemes out there can still fall for new tactics. The test provides screenshots with text and asks whether these are trustworthy or not. While some of the questions are indeed intended to mimic legitimate queries from banks, users will be surprised to learn which come from untrustworthy sources.