Takahiro Iwasaki Creates Miniature Sculptures From Unlikely Materials

 - Feb 25, 2013
References: arataniurano & notcot.org
Landscape art is usually created using a piece of canvas and a palette of paint, but Japanese artist Takahiro Iwasaki breathes life into the form by creating the topographical renderings by carving them into rolls of tape, on top of towels or on the ends of toothbrushes.

Iwasaki doesn't hesitate with his design and makes miniature renderings that can be missed at first glance because of the size and location that they feature. The entire collection is exceedingly interesting to experience because of two main reasons: naturally, the size and details play a huge roll in the experience, but it's also the way that Iwasaki uses everyday objects to create fantastical buildings or landscapes from the most unexpected objects. After experiencing the collection, it's likely that you'll take a second glance at that dirty towel or roll of tape as being a possible location for some serious magic.