The Tactalis Tablet is the Innovative Tablet That Touches Back

 - Feb 17, 2015
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The Tactalis Tablet Computer is a step forward in bringing the digital age to the blind. Currently in development by the brilliant minds at Tactalis (formerly Invici Technologies), the Tactalis Tablet combines a magnetic screen and text-to-voice technology to guide the user's finger toward icons and important details.

The device has that familiar, tablet-y shape, but with a Braille interface at the bottom and a microphone at the top. Tactalis CEO Doug Hagedorn calls the technology "Touch 2.0", saying that while Touch 1.0 devices like iPads and iPhones allow users to simply touch their screens, Touch 2.0 represents, "things that touch you back."

The developers demonstrated the applications of the Tactalis Tablet at a conference for people with disabilities in California, including an interactive subway map that pulls the user's fingertip toward subway stops. One of the notable attendees of the conference was blind music legend Stevie Wonder, whose fingers may soon be as familiar with computers as with the ivories of his keyboard.