This Foraged Table Setting of Berries and Branches

 - Nov 30, 2015
References: gardenista
This DIY foraged table setting tutorial is an excellent avant garde approach to creating an immersive holiday spread this season. Perfect for either Thanksgiving or Christmas, the DIY foraged table setting is a simple and cost-effective way of dressing the table with what is already in plentiful supply outdoors.

The zero-cost holiday centerpiece is mainly constructed by what most North Americans could find outside in their backyard. Perfectly paired with vintage silverware and unobtrusive vintage glassware, this DIY foraged is a nature-inspired way to bring the beauty of the outdoors inside this holiday season.

Given that the author of the tutorial lives in northern California, they were lucky enough to have colorful berries such as black privets and orange bittersweet berries as well as plenty of herbs.