Sylvain Meyer Turns Landscapes into a World of Artistic Settings

 - Jun 18, 2012
References: flickr & laughingsquid
Sylvain Meyer is a french artist who has a creative touch when it comes to transforming landscapes.

This series is entitled ‘Land Art’ and it’s a combination of modified trees, landscapes and sculptures in which Meyer spectacularly crafted with his own hands. The setting takes place in wooded areas and rocky terrains where Meyer uses only materials Mother Nature provides.

Who knew a simple bundle of sticks could create such amazing sculptures? The artist lines the materials in intricate designs that usually curve and twist to create drastic effects. Meyer cleverly uses the landscape’s sloped hills to create land art that looks as if it protrudes out and is extremely tall. None of the photographs have been modified using Photoshop and even the moss-filled spider is entirely hand-crafted by Sylvain Meyer.