Cheetos' New Cinnamon Puff Snack Goes by the Name Sweetos

 - Jan 31, 2015
References: wgntv & brandeating
Just as Cheetos coats your fingers with a fine cheesy orange powder, Frito-Lay's newest snack, Sweetos, will likely do the same with sweet cinnamon sugar.

While Cheetos are synonymous with cheese, the Cinnamon Sugar Puffs borrow the classic Cheetos texture and combine it with a flavor that's sweet instead of savory. Instead of having an elongated shape, these puff snacks are twisted to look like a baked good and feature a brownish cinnamon color. These snacks are set to hit stores in late February, offered as a limited edition Easter snack. There's also talk of developing more Sweetos flavors, which will likely be dependent on the success of how these sweet Cheetos-inspired snacks are received by the masses. If you're already a fan of Cheetos and have a sweet tooth, these snacks could become a new favorite.