Sweet Earth Foods' 'Benevolent Bacon' is a Plant-Based Meat

 - Feb 11, 2017
References: sweetearthfoods
'Benevolent Bacon' is the name of a vegetarian bacon product from Sweet Earth Foods that provides a comforting alternative to meat. The product is made with a base of plant-based proteins and comes in an interesting hickory-sage flavor. Unlike some mock meat products that contain many unfamiliar artificial ingredients, this one boasts easy-to-pronounce components like buckwheat, red beans, natural hickory smoke and maple syrup.

The brand's Benevolent Bacon can also be found in its Benevolent Bacon, Egg & Cheddar Farmstand Breakfast Sandwich. Like the Benevolent Bacon strips, this product from Sweet Earth Foods is also meant to be kept frozen until is to be prepared.

Many consumers are now experimenting with plant-based proteins as a way to bring their desire for health, flavor and ethics into alignment.