The Sweet Defeat Lozenges Curb Sugar Cravings with Natural Ingredients

 - Jan 16, 2018
References: sweetdefeat & preparedfoods
The sugar-free diet is gaining popularity but can lead a person to really crave a dose of sweetness, which is seeing new products like the Sweet Defeat Lozenges be developed. Featuring a plant-based ingredient profile, the supplements can be enjoyed anytime of day to help stave off sugar cravings when they increase in the afternoon or the late evening. The specially formulated lozenges work within seconds to stop sugar cravings thanks to a recipe that incorporates gymnema extract, zinc and natural mint flavor.

The Sweet Defeat Lozenges have been clinically proven to suppress one's craving for sugar by using the purified gymnema in the mix to bind to the sweet receptors on your tongue. This will effectively reduce your cravings for sweets and help you maintain a diet that's free from or low in sugar.