Time-Lapse Photos by Vincent Brady Capture the Art Made by Fireflies

 - Apr 1, 2014
References: vincentbrady & thisiscolossal
At dusk during the summer, you will find yourself able to catch the spectacular of swarming insects. Photographer Vincent Brady capture multiple photos of swarming fireflies and created an elegant time-lapse video of what he captured. The intricate dance that is captured on film shows nothing but a bunch of tiny yellow dots.

The light dots of light carry you off to a magical land where if you were not sure what you were looking at then you might think the fireflies were little pixies or fairies. The images of the woods make you feel like you are looking into the land of 'Neverland' and witnessing a rare fairy ball. Looking very closely, you may even be able to catch a rare glimpse of Tinker Bell waltzing between the trees and flowers.