The McDonald's 'Keep Calm Caesar On' Offers an Alternative to Burgers

 - Feb 5, 2016
References: mcdonalds & cbc
In light of McDonald's attempt to offer more green options on their menu, the brand has put together a superfood fast food salad that contains the popular energizing leafy greens in a caesar salad recipe. The menu item, dubbed 'Keep Calm, Caesar On,' replaces the traditional lettuce for kale to offer a more wholesome alternative to burgers.

The 'Keep Calm, Caesar On' is one of an array of salads offered by the fast food chain to patrons looking for burger and French fry alternatives. The dish is a spin on the classic caesar salad made with a bed of kale, chicken, creamy dressing, bacon and croutons.

While the dish contains superfoods, consumers should be aware it still contains caesar salad staples such as pre-cooked chicken, fatty dressings and higher than normal sodium.