Apotek Hjärtat Equipped Barrio's Rooftop Bar in Stockholm with Sunscreen on Tap

In a move to promote sun safety, Swedish pharmacy chain Apotek Hjärtat equipped a rooftop bar in Stockholm with sunscreen on tap.

According to a survey completed by Apotek Hjärtat, "Only 7 percent of the respondents use sunscreen when sitting in an outdoor dining space." To remedy this and encourage young Swedes to be mindful of their exposure to the sun, the Swedish pharmacy brand has outfitted a popular rooftop bar with Apotek Hjärtat's own brand, Apolosophy's SPF 20. Guests at the Barrio rooftop bar will be able to sample the sunblock in small glasses or bottles for free.

By putting sunscreen on tap, Apotek Hjärtat is making sun protection available in a Millennial social setting and normalizing its use in a novel way that connects with its targeted group.