Sunrise Health's Chatrooms are Monitored by AI and Therapists

 - May 16, 2017
References: & techcrunch
Online, digital chatrooms have the potential to be excellent therapy resources, but almost any internet user also knows their darker side, one in which bullying and trolling run rampant; Sunrise Health has taken up the mantle to try to isolate the best aspects of a live online community while minimizing the worst. The chat platform is designed to be a space for people in mental health treatment to talk with and console one another in between their in-person therapy sessions, and it uses a combination of AI and professional therapists to assure that the chats remain safe at all times.

Sunrise Health's chatrooms are organized into groups for various issues (substance abuse, for instance.) The users in each room have anonymous labels to encourage more honest sharing, but each room is monitored by AI to make sure that there is no trolling or bullying.