The Kubanchiki Sunflower Seed Branding is Invitingly Simple

 - Sep 28, 2016
References: & packagingoftheworld
Looking to correlate the heritage of the Kuban region in Southern Russia to the brand's identity, the Kubanchiki sunflower seed packaging is simple, inviting and inherently charming.

Designed by the Rocklin creative agency, the Kubanchiki branding focuses on seeds being formed into various images such as a house, a heart and the sunflower itself.

Being that embroidery is one of the most popular Kuban crafts, the Kubanchiki brand looks to help pay homage with the traditional colors and styles used. Rather than imitate the aesthetic of embroidery on the packaging, the design helps to create a distinctive branding effort that's playfully artistic.

The Kubanchiki sunflower seed packaging helps to create a strong visual identity for the brand in the very competitive seed and snack market in Russia and beyond.